Bullhead*ded "Boiled Bones" EP

Bullhead*ded "Boiled Bones" EP

"Boiled Bones" Chapter 1 of the Brazen Series

We present to you "Boiled Bones" the first part in a 3 part story known as Brazen series. We will be joining in with our audience on a fantastic journey. Think of it as a mystery adventure we invite you to take part in. In correlation to the three EPs (Boiled Bones, Heart Stones and Brazen) will be the release of comic books of the same names in succession.  The comic books tell the story of "Our Young Hero". The comics take place in a not too distant future where Technology and Religion are one, and government rules both with an iron fist. Freedom of speech and thought that are not in favor of the institution are all but outlawed. As "Boiled Bones" starts a pirate radio broadcast commences the exact way the Comics start... "Much Like anyone you may know... from a town like anywhere... Our young hero was given a life not much different than most." 

A whole world awaits "our young hero". An epic saga. And, as you come to learn by the end of the Brazen series. This is our young hero's story, but it might as well be our own.



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