Boiled Bones Comic Book

Boiled Bones Comic Book

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“Much like anyone you might know... From a town like anywhere... Our young hero was given a life not much different than most.” Boiled Bones is the first installment of a 3 part series known as the “Brazen Series.”  Connecting to the 3 part album series “Brazen” from Bullhead*ded.


As we progress through the series the lines between the music, the comic books, and reality will begin to blur. You will be further brought into a future dystopian world where technology and religion are one. People worship technology and and A.I. entity like a God. The ruling government known as the institution has control of the technology of the day, and therefore has total power. Any art, music or literature that is not in tribute of the institution is banished. Still even in this world there is hope. A rebellion identified by their symbol. An asterisk. “This is our young hero’s story... but it might as well be our own.”



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